I haven’t any practical knowledge of Intel’s new font Clear Sans, but I never let that keep me from opining.

The David Spade in me wants to say: I like Clear Sans, but I liked it better the first time, when it was called Anivers.

Now more seriously, they are more different than Helvetica and Arial. But they are very alike. Clear Sans looks to me like a nice, clear, modern monotype that was made variable width, like a Monaco, Menlo or Andale Mono for writing rather than for coding.

Now, after a little looking, this font pack includes EOT, WOFF, SVG, and TTF files to allow for the widest use of this font on the web. If this is something that interests you you should probably check out Google Fonts, and for that matter, if you are a Drupal dev, you may want to check out the @font-your-face module.