In Kansas, we have some pronunciations that are particular to the area (which I hesitate to call mispronunciations, since I live here now). Here is a list, which I cannot presume is exhaustive, though it exhausted me.

  • Arkansas (as in both Arkansas City and Arkansas River) – ar·kan·zus
  • El Dorado (city) – el duh·ray·doh
  • Marais des Cygnes River – mer duh zeen
  • Neodesha (city) – nee·oh·duh·shay
  • Olathe (city) – oh-lay-thuh (th as in think)
  • Salina (city) – suh·lie·nuh
  • Saline County – suh·leen

If you know any more, please let me know in the comments.