About David Eldridge

I am David Eldridge. I enjoy helping people to use technology (especially web technology) better.

I’ve lived in Kansas since 1996, and here in Topeka since 2003. I was married to my best friend, Lisa, in 1999. And we have four children, whom we love very much.

I like to think. I like to read. I like to opine. And I have opinions on many things. Many of those are strong opinions. I don’t have an opinion on everything. My friends might disagree. But they are wrong! 😉

When I am not ‘at work’, I enjoy reading about economics, Western (occidental) history (ca. 1500s to present), and technology. I focus on that history that led from England and the Continent through the British-American colonies to our present empire … I mean republic.

I also enjoy designing webs, business cards, bumper stickers, and things. I like old movies (namely after sound, but before color).

Anyway, … Since I am the only one who will read this page, I should probably waste no more time on it.

You can find me elsewhere on the Web