Copyright and Content

I don’t reserve copyright beyond attribution. And even then, I only ask that you not misrepresent authorship. If you need to use work that I have posted on my site, and must use a common licensing convention, feel free to use a BSD license. Since it really is offered essentially to the Public Domain, you can use whatever licensing scheme you want. But I would rather that you do not use a GPL or other “open source” license. I do not require that others allow it as freely as I have, and am not asserting any intellectual property rights. I only ask that folks are honest about where it came from when they are asked.

Having said that, when I present the work of others, please consider their desires separately. I don’t have the authority to submit their works to the public domain, and don’t pretend to. However, I intentionally use images, etc., that have been entered into the public domain with great frequency: as of this writing, 100% of artwork on this site is in the public domain.