If you would like to be able to trigger your Google Chrome extensions with keyboard shortcuts, I have good news for you, I’ve outlined the steps below. You’re welcome. 😊

  1. Navigate your browser to chrome://extensions.
  2. Go to the end of the page, and touch the “Keyboard shortcuts” link.
  3. Put your cursor or focus in the field or box following the extension that you would like to add a keyboard shortcut to, and create the shortcut. You might, for instance, use ⌃L (ctrl+L).

Voilà, you have just created a shortcut. Now you can trigger or invoke your extensions with a keybinding or keyboard shortcut. I am feeling quite thesauric or synonymous today. I am sorry or regretful that you had to go through that, but not enough to stop or cease. Not even to bring it to a close, excepting this post. Good day.