I attribute learning “FTFY” (fixed that for you) to Brian Showalter. Thanks, @brisho. But understanding how to make that into a viable income stream was the work of MJ DeMarco. Thanks, Eric for introducing me to this guy, and thanks again to Pat Flynn for re-introducing me to MJ. And thanks, Peter for introducing me to Pat Flynn. What a web. But I guess that’s why they call this the Interwebz.

I just listened to Smart Passive Income episode 18, and MJ DeMarko talked on the show about finding your entrepreneurial niche. And around the same time, I was thinking about “finding my passion”. It all came together in one basic idea:

Think about what you do in your spare time, what you spend your money on, and what you have fixed. Somewhere in there (closest to what you have fixed) is a great possibility for what will make you money.

I am not going to delve deep into that idea at this point, but I wanted to crystallize those thoughts here, so that I don’t forget later.